The Best Footwear Choice While Travelling

The Best Footwear Choice While Travelling

The Best Footwear Choice While Travelling

We often stare into our suitcases at the beginning of any journey, wondering how you are going to fit in a few shoes for the different activities you have planned out. The struggle is real, trying to be basic and suitable for your adventures.

Here are a few options you could consider instead of cramping your suitcase with the unnecessary.


  • The ones that give you a cramp, 20 minutes into a brisk walk.
  • The ones that cause shoe bites.
  • The ones that don’t seem sturdy.

Pick out shoes that allow your feet to be flexible and in complete motion. Shoes with a wide toe are highly recommended since they provide room for your toes to move around and breathe.


  • The ones that are ideal for long walks through the city.
  • The lightweight ones.
  • The ones that are suitable in a cold as well as hot temperatures.
  • The ones that don't get stenchful easily.
  • The best ones are those made in a suitable material.
  • These are our favorite picks to footwear for an adventurous journey.


Pick out the ones with a flexible cork sole & a Durable leather strap which make them rugged & tough. They’re perfect for a city walk, a long run, or even comfortable in the water.

Sandals are the most comfortable when it comes to traveling.

It is advisable to get a pair with a thick sole that is enough to cushion your feet on your long walking days but also airy enough to let your feet stretch & move naturally.


A Flexible sole should be your main concern over here as well since it would allow your feet to move in a free & full range motion and also give you grip on tricky terrain.

Shoes that provide you with a lightweight mesh great as they provide you a breathable & sweat-free experience.

 These are the best choice if you plan on activities like hiking, or mountain climbing since they also avoid giving you blisters.


These are a must-have since they are easy to pack & are lightweight. You can pair them with anything from dresses to jeans. They’re comfortable to walk in no matter what the distance. You could pair them antibacterial socks if you want your feet covered.

Now you’re all set for your next getaway.